Pest Control Blackburn
Pest Control Blackburn
Pest Control Blackburn
Pest Control Blackburn

Pest Control Blackburn is based in Blackburn, Lancashire in the UK, Pest Control Blackbun is a family run company supplying a professional pest and vermin control service to both commercial and residential customers in and around Blackburn and surrounding areas.

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Complete Pest & Vermin Control
Commercial & Domestic


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Based in Blackburn, Lancashire in the UK,Pest Control Blackbun is a family run company supplying a professional pest and vermin control service to both commercial and residential customers.

Established in 1984, we have the expertise to know what needs to be carried outWe have been offering the best in pest and vermin control services to Industry, Shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Agriculture and Domestic customers since 1984. This means you can rely on our experience for effective control of pests and vermin.

 Our Pest Control Technicians are highly skilled and trained at courses and seminars, both in-house and at outside agencies, thus we can guarantee to be up to date with the latest legislation, technology, and developments. With a full back up service from senior personnel and from entomologists and laboratories we can ensure a thorough service.

Pest Control Blackburn understands your time is precious and you want the best. The last thing you want to be doing is searching around for a service provider. Thats why Pestguard takes pride in providing the best possible service at a price you can afford.

Our aim is to provide you with 'the best' possible service using the latest technology and the very best products available at a fair price.

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Bespoke Service to suit you
We have pest control operatives located in all parts of the UK. Our bespoke services offer you the customer the complete pest control service you want. With over 25 years combined experience in the ever expanding pest control industry and the ability to service contracts throughout the UK, you need look no further for all your pest control

 Your Home is Your Castle

You want to ensure that it’s protected from unwanted intruders at all times. So the first sign of an infestation of pests in your home or garden is a real concern for you and your family.
It can be tempting to initially try and handle the problem yourself. However in our experience Pestgaurd-technicians are called out every day to homes like yours where the DIY pest treatment option hasn’t worked) this can make the problem worse. What starts out as a small outbreak of pests can rapidly develop into a major outbreak if it’s not professionally treated.

 Pest Control & Pest Prevention for Business

When you choose Pestguard you can rest assured that you will be working with a professional, proactive and effective team that is as committed to protecting your business as you are.
With over 20 years experience in commercial pest control and pest prevention, we have become a trusted partner to each one of our clients. In fact our client retention rate is more than 98% which compares very favourably to the standard industry rate of less than 70%.

 Specialists in Farming & Agricultural Pest Control

loss of revenue through damage or contamination to your crops but also possible damage to your property and equipment. Rodents
are a major problem to farmers as they can cause considerable damage as a result of their behaviour which, at least, could be a hole in the fabric of a building and at worst electrical faults and flooding. Insects such as beetles and weevils can infest grain and bulk commodities. Seasonal pests, predominantly flying insects, can not only cause distress to livestock but the spread of disease has been attributed to certain species of flying insects.

Complete Pest & Vermin Control
Commercial & Domestic

Our Aims Simple: to provide professional, cost efficient preventative and reactive pest and wildlife control service to all our clients.
Our solutions are tailored to your situation, we value all our customers (big or small!).

Pestguard Environmental Services is an independently owned and run company providing pest control services to domestic and commercial customers Throughout the UK.

We provide an efficient, cost effective and totally professional service to anyone requiring pest or wildlife control.

We apply both traditional and modern techniques in both our approach to our services and the way our business is run.

Tel: 01254 683954